Googling Myself


Photo CC: By SEO

To start off, and in all honesty, it was a little creepy Googling myself. I say this because there’s quite a bit of information about me that’s out there . . . information that’s readily available to anyone who wants it. Aside from this, however, it was very interesting. I didn’t think I would find much, but I was surprised. The first link that popped up was my personal Twitter account, encouraging those in search of me to catch up on my latest Tweets and give me a follow. After this was my Merit page, saying I was named to the Dean’s List this past fall, and after this were various links to various articles from local newspapers – The Star-Herald and the Gering Citizen – advertising the fact I had made various honor bands throughout my high school career, including All-State, and some golf tournaments as well, including the Nebraska Amateur Championship. My Grandpa’s obituary also was in there. In terms of pictures, my Twitter profile picture popped up, along with other past profile pictures, a golf picture from my junior year of high school, my Grandpa’s picture to his obituary, and a picture I posted to Twitter not too long ago of my other grandparents. Other than that, however, that was it. I couldn’t find my Facebook profile, but that didn’t surprise me as I may have certain privacy settings in place. Among the other social media sites I have, these being Snapchat, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and Twitter, my Twitter profile was the only one that popped up, but that’s probably because I use Twitter the most. In terms of what my online identity says about me, my online identity would most likely portray the fact that I’m very dedicated, active, and passionate about what I do and what I like to do. On the other hand, however, if any potential employer would have the intentions of trying to dig up some dirt on me, I’m afraid they wouldn’t find anything (I lead a boring lifestyle in that aspect!) On a side note, articles about my three siblings came up as well.


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