Time to Unplug


Photo CC: by Peter Sunna

I’m sure we’ve all been there; tethered to whatever device may be at hand, mindlessly scrolling through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. What’s the point of this? “Well,” one might say, “to stay connected.” Connected. Connected to what? Connected to our “friends?” Connected to our own little cyber world in which we live? Or connected to our devices; those devices which we cannot live without. I don’t really watch Jimmy Fallon (I’m more of a Jay Leno kind of person. Headlines anybody?) but I know he does this bit where he writes “thank you” notes. These “thank you” notes aren’t restricted to just anyone; they’re written to anyone and anything, including smart phones and their accompanying chargers. I say smart phones and chargers because I recently saw this one in which he was writing one to the chargers of the world, thanking them for being the human equivalent to leashes in public spaces; spaces such as the airport, restaurants, hospitals, etc. While he was writing this “thank you” note, it showed a guy at an airport, sitting on the floor scrolling through his phone while it was charging. I oftentimes feel like this guy, wasting my time on my iPhone. Therefore, I can honestly say that most of the time I don’t use technology mindfully. I try, however, but there are so many things to read and catch up on and so many people to talk to. It’s often overwhelming. Just as Paul Miller described about having a number of tabs open and talking to numerous people at once. I often try, however, to disconnect in purposefully leaving my phone at home if I go anywhere, or simply leave it on the kitchen counter while I go about my day. It’s interesting, however, as I constantly have that urge to check it, just as was talked about in the TED talk. Most of the time, however, as was discussed in the article about the teens disconnecting for three days, I always feel a sense of freedom, as I don’t have to constantly be checking up on the book of faces or seeing what’s trending in the world of Twitter. It’s also important to unplug and actually physically connect and interact with individuals because in my mind, that face-to-face time is invaluable. Whenever I spend time with my Grandparents, I always make a conscious effort to stay off my phone when I’m there, because those are moments I want to keep and cherish forever.

Here are the links to the article and video I referred to:





  1. Pelayom6 · April 5, 2016

    Great article! I find myself glued to my phone aswell. Having to check facebook everynight while in bed waiting to fall sleep. Which i know its not a good thing. As i have mentioned in other posts, spending time with family face to face is better that waisting time on social cites…

    Liked by 1 person

    • joshuapilkington · April 10, 2016

      I agree, spending time with family is so much better. That time we have with them is valuable and shouldn’t be wasted on social media.


      • Pelayom6 · April 11, 2016

        Yes, but social media can be a stronger bond than family, unfortunately! ; (

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  2. corinneelisecarlton · April 7, 2016

    You are braver than me!! I couldn’t psychologically leave my phone, I mean what would I do if something were to happen to me? I am terrible about checking social media mindlessly for hours. I’m not like even talking to anyone really just snooping on other people. What’s the point? Just to keep from getting bored? Most definitely. Great post!

    Liked by 1 person

    • joshuapilkington · April 10, 2016

      Thanks for reading it! I definitely know what you’re talking about though. If you leave your phone and something happens, you’re kind of sunk.

      Liked by 1 person

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