The Radio Rediscovered (Among Other Things)


Photo CC: By oroD Doro

“‘…contemporary podcasts resemble radio shows from the past.'” In this quote from the article “What Teens are Learning from ‘Serial’ and Other Podcasts,” a high school English teacher by the name of Michael Godsey describes the benefits he’s witnessed in incorporating podcasts into his classroom. For example, in listening to ‘Serial,’ his students are “learning at the highest level,” helping students develop their analytical skills, critical reading skills, and public speaking skills, the latter two concerning reading the accompanying transcripts and debating with fellow students. Concerning the digital storytelling aspect of this assignment, some educational benefits of watching and creating digital stories include, according to the “Teacher’s Guide to Digital Storytelling,”                  “[teaching] students how to navigate the writing and creative process, including brainstorming, constructing unique voices, narrating, and… structuring arguments in a compelling and logical manner.” In looking at these educational benefits, an individual can easily attach certain standards to each, therefore meeting the state and/or national standards for learning. On the other side of the spectrum, however, some disadvantages to incorporating podcasts and digital storytelling in one’s classroom may not be, in terms of podcasts, enough to hold the students’ attention, as the younger generations (including ours) are used to intense, highly-stimulated T.V. shows or video games. In terms of digital storytelling, however, one disadvantage may include lack of money for the required equipment for students to do his/her work. In reading the “Teacher’s Guide to Digital Storytelling, technologies such as video cameras, computers, and the accompanying software are required. If none of these things are available, digital storytelling in the classroom may be virtually impossible. Moving on to the next question of possibly having my future students create in these forms, I would have to say that I definitely would (if the necessary equipment is available) have my students do so. I say this because it would serve as an excellent introduction to the educational benefits I listed before. In utilizing these things, it could possibly be easier for students to learn to create through writing. In the end, my biggest takeaway would probably be realizing that in incorporating these into one’s classroom, so many standards are hit that, at least for me, it would be a no-brainer. Also, to tell the truth, I became pretty excited about the possibility of using these things in my future classroom!



  1. tessgorsuch · April 10, 2016

    I’m excited to potentially use all these things in my classroom as well! It is pretty cool that we get to learn about these tools so that we can use them in our future classrooms. Now hopefully we don’t forget them by the time we get there! Haha

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  2. taylorbauerblog · April 11, 2016

    I didn’t think of relating the two like that first quote did, but I like it. I also said something about the standards, which is very important. These days if you have a lesson or activity you want to do that doesn’t fit into a standard, you most likely won’t have time to teach it and the big wigs won’t like it if you have no reasoning for teaching it. So therefore, I agree with your ending thoughts on standards as well.

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    • joshuapilkington · April 27, 2016

      Right on! It’s cool to see that we’re on the same page. I like how you said big wigs though.. lol Not only will they get upset if you have no reason for teaching something, most likely the parents won’t like it either.

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  3. angelique130 · April 11, 2016

    Good Blog! I have to agree with you in the disadvantage of if podcasts will be as appealing to the younger generation of students. That’s a good point considering kids have a low attention span to begin with.

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    • joshuapilkington · April 27, 2016

      Thanks for reading it! I just think of my little cousin who has a super short attention span..


  4. corinneelisecarlton · April 12, 2016

    Your blog was very informative. I never really thought of the aspect of the budgeting! I think that overall they are a great way for kids to be creative and think critically at the same time! Great ideas!

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  5. missboller · April 17, 2016

    Great blog! I really like how you put things in a different perspective. Its really neat looking at things in a different way.

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